The Toxinomics Foundation
is an independent, non-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the knowledge on animals, plants and micro-organisms producing bioactive substances for the benefit of mankind and nature. Our main objective is to support all activities promoting the protection and the sustainable exploitation of marine and terrestrial biodiversity through:
- Scientific research
- Medical and industrial development
- Communication
- Education

Founded in 2006 by members of the International Society of Toxinology (IST) and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the Foundation maintains academic and industrial collaborations with laboratories in 18 countries, and is uniquely positioned to run partnerships focusing on the development of novel and differentiated drug candidates derived from animal venoms.

Come and join us to look at the CONCO documentary, an exciting trip through cone snail research and this fascinating animal. ARTE broadcasts the film on the following dates :
- Thu, 21.11.13 at 23:50
- Wed, 27.11.13 at 08:55
- Sat, 30.11.13 at 10:05
- Sun, 08.12.13 at 09:55
ARTE - Venin

Venomous species on TV : 200'000 espèces venimeuses, parfois capables de tuer, peuvent aussi sauver des vies - Journal 19:30 - 20 nov. 2013 - RTS un
Major success of the first Conodays held in Zermatt from December 7-9th 2011, see Conus chocolatus!
The CONCO project on the radio (in French): listen Emission "Impatience" - 13 janvier 2012 - RTS la Première.
Venom milking on TV: see Journal 12:45 - 18 nov. 2011 - RTS un.
License agreement signed to develop a breakthrough venom-derived ingredient for the cosmetic industry.
Discovery of unique venom-derived tissue selective cell penetrating peptides as drug candidates for the treatment of cancer to be exploited by The Toxinomics Foundation’s first spin-off company: Vector-LifeSciences SA